Robotics – Science of the future today!


Robotics is fun, but most people think that we, as a society, are too far away from seeing real robots, and that they belong in science fiction movies. Well, I’ll try to prove you wrong with this latest news from Japan.

Nagasaki, a city in Japan, will open a new hotel any time now. And that would not be interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that the staff at that hotel will be comprised of robots! Yes, that’s right; there will be a hotel in Japan in which robots carry your luggage and get you your drinks at the hotel bars!

We all know that Japan is a country that is light years ahead of everybody else in the field of robotics. But, this is something completely different. This is the first hotel in the entire world that has a staff comprised of real life androids, which will do as they are told, and conduct work that can mimic the work of a human being. And besides from that, they look like real human beings! That’s right, they look like a real young woman.

history-of-robotics-10This idea came to mind to a bunch of smart people from the University of Osaka, who, in cooperation with a certain robotics company produced these androids who will work in this smart hotel. These androids will be able to speak many languages, including Japanese (of course), Korean, Chinese and English. They will also be able to make various hand gestures, and according to some of the scientists, they will be able to mimic human eye movements.

Now, of course, not all of the staff in this hotel will be comprised only of robots. There will also be human workers, but these robots are meant to work in the positions of receptionists, they are meant to be waiters at the hotel bars, they are meant to be hotel cleaners, as well as the cloakroom attendants.

But, this is not the end of all the technical wonders that we are going to find at this wonderful place. No, there will be way, way more. For example, if you wish to enter this hotel, which will be located in a theme park in Nagasaki, you will have to pass a facial recognition test! No keys will be used, and only people with the right face will be able to enter their rooms! Of course, no keys will be used if you decide to go through the facial recognition process, but if you don’t wish to do so, you will be issued your own key. But, why would anyone pass on something that awesome?

Even though this hotel will be a technological wonder, and a haven for all the geeks around the world, it will be only surrounded by nature. There will be plenty of green around the hotel, but this smart hotel it will be the most important thing in this park.

It was said that if this android inhabited hotel proves to be successful, another one would be opened as early as 2016! Isn’t that great! You’ll be able to choose in which robot hotel you want to go to.

robotsAnd the most important thing is that this hotel will not be that expensive. A room in this smart hotel will cost only about 60 US dollars, unlike other hotels in this park, in which the rooms cost around 200 US dollars. This hotel will also use renewable energy, so having that in conjunction with the robotic staff; the costs of operating such a hotel are much lower. That’s good news both for owners and the visitors.